Jenny Wren has a body

Work has continued on my Jenny Wren by Jenny Adin-Christie. After stitching two wings, that I hope are reasonably matched, I moved into working the needle lace that covers Jenny Wrens back. I have also stitched and applied her Tail Feather. I have decided that I really like working the piece of Needlelace, and trying… Continue reading Jenny Wren has a body

Jenny Wren is underway

My next stitching adventure is now underway as I have started stitching Jenny Adin-Christies gorgeous stumpwork Wren. This cute little bird is actually a very practical needlework ¬†Etui, with its beak cleverly hiding a thread cutter, the wings covering needle pages, storage space for a thimble on its back, and in the Mossy Hillock that… Continue reading Jenny Wren is underway