Work has continued on my Jenny Wren by Jenny Adin-Christie.

After stitching two wings, that I hope are reasonably matched, I moved into working the needle lace that covers Jenny Wrens back. I have also stitched and applied her Tail Feather.

I have decided that I really like working the piece of Needlelace, and trying out new stitches, but my hands certainly had developed a serious cramp after each session – from holding onto the piece of backing that supports at work.

I think if I was to do this again I might need to clamp the backing to the table or something for better support. I felt such pain in my hands from the cramping that it has taken several days for them to feel better.  Made me think seriously about how much as Embroiderers  we rely on our hands to develop our stitching.

The piece of Needlelace is then carefully stretched and stitched across Jenny Wrens back – I think she is starting to gain her own character!