I have started work on the base embroidery, a “mossy hillock” , that Jenny Adin-Christie has designed to sit under and beautifully display her Jenny Wren. This piece is designed to be fitted on top of a wooden base that Jenny has available ( purchased seperatly from the hillock kit), or you can mount it over card and just use it as a standalone base for the wren.

The hillock has the emery filled pincushion and the position for the scissors that go towards making up the other parts of this lovely Etui.  It has interesting techniques like trapped spangles, needle lace, chipping and beadwork. Once again I find myself enjoying the process of creation so much that I want to take it slowly and enjoy every stitch and technique.

I had meant to mention one of the best things I learnt about during the recent class with Jenny – Tulip Needles.  After trying one that Jenny included in the kit I am convinced that I have never used a needle as good as these. I purchased a number of packets/vials, and now I am intent on making a needle book just to hold only these precious needles. They are so good, and definitely worth every penny.