Happy New Year to all.

The Christmas /New Year season in Brisbane is so hot and humid that I have not had either the time nor inclination for stitching – leading to a decided lack of progress on all my current pieces. Amongst the many enjoyable activities with Children, Grandchildren and extended family across the holidays, I had forgotten that one special event was the Christening of our dear friends first grandchild.

Knowing that an embroidered gift was expected I was at a loss for ideas on what to stitch, and time was running out. Pinterest to the rescue! though I do have to be careful or the hours just slip by as I look with fascination at the pretty pictures. The answer to the Christening gift was resolved with a little embroidery on a small onesie and a personalised wall hanging for the nursery.

A good evening of enjoyable stitching for me, and gifts that were loved by the new parents.


Bullion Roses and French Knots


Nursery wall hanging.

Now to find the time to get back to that Redwork…