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One of the things I love to look at when I go along to stitching groups and classes are the beautiful stitching accessories that so many embroiderers have in their work bags. So often the items will be both useful and pretty. My own work box has mostly practical rather than decorative items so time for a little embellishment I thought.

Coincidentally I had just finished up a container of Baking Powder and as I was about to dispose of the container into the recycling I was struck by the idea of using this cardboard tube container as the base for a new embroidered pincushion. I found a long narrow strip of linen left over from a previous project, thinking there should be just enough in the piece to make up into two small pin cushions which I could make by cutting the container in half.

The pictures show how I stitched the pincushion sides first as two facing strips of embroidery – I was being very economical with the fabric. Then I embroidered the circular tops which were hand sewn to the side strips and the resultant piece pulled over the polyfilled half container. The bottoms were made from fabric covered card circles. A little twisted cord around the top to finish and wow two small pincushions done!

The embroidery design is my own based on basic embroidery stitches, and using DMC threads left over from previous projects. This was very much a ‘use up what you have’ project. Now what could I do with that empty Bisto Gravy Granules container sitting on the counter?