I had decided some months ago that, as a precursor to commencing the Intensive Certificate classes at the Royal School of Needlework next Monday (25th June 2018), I would attend two activities at HCP to allow me to get oriented – that meant that I would have time to get a feel for both the Palace and the RSN itself.

Today was the long awaited 1st event, a “Tour and Taster” class. This was a combined tour and lecture on the current RSN exhibition ‘Animals in Embroidery’ and a mini class with RSN Tutor Amy Burt.
I was so excited about getting my long awaited embroidery adventure underway that I had trouble sleeping and had the alarm set early to ensure I was waiting at the appointed time in front HCP Seymour Gate. From here our small group was collected by a lovely RSN volunteer and taken to the RSN studio.

A very interesting lecture was presented to our small tour group in one of the work rooms, and included information on the founding of the RSN, the work, the commissions, and the current exhibition. The lecture was accompanied by informative bites of information and many wonderful pictures of beautiful embroidery. Then we were given a tour of the exhibition itself, though understandably no pictures were allowed. Many of the iconic embroideries of birds and animals that have been used in RSN publications were on display along with many other exquisite works. The tour then concluded with a visit in the other workroom or studio were some fragile antique samplers were being conserved.

After a lunch break and a browse in the RSN shop we then moved to one of the classrooms to commence or ‘taster’ class with Amy Burt. The class was an Introduction to Silk Shading – Squirrel. Amy was very good at explaining each of the steps she wanted us to complete and kept the class moving along nicely.

I had a wonderful day and my head is full of the beautiful embroidery I was able to see. Next up – a one day metalwork class.


Tour group waiting outside the Seymour Gate.