Design Inspiration

Throughout the RSN Certificate modules I have to develop my own designs to embroider for each technique. Of course the RSN does set fairly detailed guidelines for what must be achieved in each technique, however this does still leave the vexing question of  coming up with a design that I would want to spend many hours working on.

A days outing to the V&A museum provided so much inspiration for future embroideries, and the photos only provide a small taste of these. I particularly love the interesting creatures on the embroidered bed cover, and was thrilled to see some actual Jacobean Crewel work in lovely blues and greens! The exquisite beetle wing embroidery was amazing, and William Morris designs have long been a favourite of mine,  so seeing originals of his work was a highlight.

Devine design inspiration. One day was not nearly long enough and I hope to be able to make some return visits over the next few months.

Orientation – step 2.

On Saturday I went back to the RSN for the second step in my own personal orientation plan – a day class in Metalwork with Becky Hogg – stitching her beautiful sleeping Badger.


On this visit I was able to experience a different set of RSN teaching rooms at Hampton Court Palace, though these were once again up on the top floor – so lots of stairs to climb. Stitching in these historic rooms with their wide creaking floorboards and beautiful windows provides a truly atmospheric  setting for classes. I also found the tea room were I had a cup of coffee with my packed lunch – a very important part of completing orientation!

With 13 students the classroom was full, but we were still able to move around freely and Becky broke us into two groups for each demonstration so we were able to clearly see each of the steps. Becky also had many examples of her metalwork designs for us to look at, along with some lovely detailed teaching examples. I especially liked the small piece she used to demonstrate layered padding with felt under Goldwork, and I decided to add a little padding to my own Badgers tail during  the class. Becky was really good about me making this small change to my piece, and in the end I was really happy I had.

I had been surprised and thrilled to see both kits and stitched examples of some of Becky’s metalwork designs during my visit to the V&A the day before. It is very likely that a little Foxy will be accompanying me home to provide a companion for the Badger.  Just need to get him finished first.

That completes my personal RSN orientation, and with the Intensive classes starting on Monday I am feeling ready as I can be. We are heading off today for a relaxing day at Kew Gardens – taking time to smell the roses before the madness begins.

I should have mentioned that I can only post low resolution photos in my posts from this location, as we have very limited internet capacity and the ipad is not the best means of creating blog posts, but I will persevere.