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The slow progress on my Jacobean Crewelwork piece continues. I have been working away on my design for a week now and I thought you might like to see the progress I have made on stitching the main flower. My primary concern has been to ensure a good distribution of the colours and to keep it looking ‘Jacobean’. We are only allowed a limited palette of 5 shades in each of two ranges along with two highlights. I choose Dusty Pink /Red and Mid Greens, while Gold and Mustard are my highlight colours.

I am still considering adding more embellishment to the flower however I need to be sure that all the other elements in the design are finished first. I am not sure that there will be time for any more as only two days remain on this Intensive course, one more stitching day and then the long anticipated Mounting day.

The days a really flying past now! Back to stitching….