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The Royal School of Needlework  Blackwork Intensive course has truly been intense so far. The RSN has actually added in an extra ‘work on your homework’ stitch day into the two week program this year, and still most students are finding that their project is going to take longer than the allotted days.

In my opinion, in order to complete your Blackwork piece during an intensive,  you either need to be able to Stitch furiously for 10 days straight or else carefully choose a subject that meets all the requirements of the brief while remaining achievable within the time frame. The RSN tutors are very good helping you to choose the most achievable option if you can provide high resolution images of your potential options.

For  my Blackwork piece I wanted an image with contrasts, very light and very dark areas with a range of shades inbetween. After much discussion I moved away from Squirrel images and instead focused on an image of a leaf and acorns.

I thought you might like to see how I went about growing some Acorns.


The Shaded Blackwork class has been a wonderful learning experience with tutors Jen Goodwin, Sara-Jane Dennis, and Sarah Smith. Thank you all.