RSN Certificate – Goldwork

I am having so much fun doing the RSN Certificate Goldwork Module. There are really great effects that can be achieved with Goldwork and I now have lots of gold bling growing across my design.

Background Fabric

RSN Goldwork at the Certificate level is worked on silk fabric which has been applied over a calico support layer and framed up on a large slate frame. I have chosen a dark brown silk to give a good contrast with the gold threads, and which I have subsequently found does not photograph well. If you proceed on to the Advanced Goldwork Module of the RSN Diploma you have the choice of Silk, Linen or Velvet as a background fabric.


Once again we get to create our own design for this module giving consideration to the elements that need to be included to meet the module brief and then the finalised design is applied to the silk via the prick, pounce, and paint method.

I based my design for this piece on elements in the design I had created for the RSN Jacobean Module. Goldwork needs fairly open areas in which to apply the couched threads, so I have used a couple of the leaves and the shape of the main stem along with a new version of the frog.

Stitching begins

After applying the felt and string padding I finally got to the fun part of couching down the gold threads. All those ends to plunge and tie back with the dreaded curved needle.

Couching gold threads over padded and non padded areas.
Ends to plunge!


By Sally

Passionate embroiderer who loves to learn and pass on fine hand embroidery skills.


  1. Oh my goodness! What a job! But it will look stunning when its finished! All worthwhile. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see the end product!

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  2. Yeah again for Sally
    Great work and cannot wait to see the finished piece.
    Thanks also to M as no doubt he is keeping the
    home front working.

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