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Goldwork is done – yeah! Time to relax and let it all sink in.

Stitching the RSN Goldwork on silk is challenging but fun, and the best thing was that of all the Certificate classes this was the most relaxed. Maybe I have just become accustomed to the pace of stitching needed in an intensive class?

With the fabulous Shelly Cox as our Tutor, and Nikki as her efficient assistant, and 6 willing students, they made the class a joy. We were organised and assisted, we were given homework sheets to follow, we were told what we had done well and also what needed to be redone, and we all managed to finish our piece on time.

Thinking back over this last two weeks, the thing I have enjoyed the most with Goldwork is learning the order in which to work all of the gold techniques and threads. Padding sets the foundation and getting this right is critical to the success of the final piece. Couching takes concentration and plunging the ends of couched threads is noisy and scary – so easy to get it wrong. Tying back the plunged ends is tedious but necessary. Solid Chipping is a puzzle to solve – can I fit another chip into that space. Cutwork is challenging and needs lots of practice to do well. However I think the end result is worth the effort.  Here are a few images of these steps as I did them on my Goldwork piece.


Padding with felt and string


Tying back plunged ends


Solid chipping


Couched work with Japanese, Twist and Rococco


Cutwork – Bright Check and Smooth Purl


RSN Certificate Goldwork Module – SallyR