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After stitching solidly on the RSN certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery for the last 8 weeks I decided that I needed to plan some recreational stitching to help me wind down. Scrolling across websites I noticed that Hand and Lock were offering a two day weekend Monogramming class in London on the very weekend after I finished the last of the Certificate modules.

Hand and Lock  have been Embroiderers since 1767 and they specialise in Military Goldwork along with bespoke embroidery and beading on garments. Their school offers classes in Tambour and Monogramming, and they will also be taking these classes to SanFrancisco shortly.

Louise, who was one of my classmates on all of the RSN intensives, decided to join me for these two days of fun, so we travelled in together each day by train and tube to attend the class at the H&L premises in Fitzrovia. It was great to have her along as a fellow adventurer.

Our tutor was the lovely Juliette Ferry, who had undertaken her Embroidery training in France (she is French) and has been working at H&L for a couple of years now. Across the weekend she took us through applying stitch guides via prick and pounce, and stitching three different styles of Monogram fonts (Block, Fishtail, and Script).  The class was very relaxed and lots of fun and I managed to get a few small monograms stitched on my working cloth.

The other wonderful part of taking a class at Hand and Lock was the opportunity to take a tour of their workrooms and see the wonderful Goldwork military badges, uniform elements, and goldwork supplies they have in their storerooms. I was drooling over the gorgeous gold braids and cords.

This was two fun days that have really helped me to wind down from  the RSN intensives. Tomorrow I am off on a short trip to Paris – where I hope to get to an Embroidery shop or two!