One of the questions I have been asked most often throughout the 12 weeks of this Stitching adventure is, “how have your fingers coped with all that intensive stitching” or “surely you must have holes in your fingers by now”.

As many stitchers will know it can be very difficult to continue working when your finger tips have been pricked multiple times, or a hole has formed where your finger has been pierced by the eye of your needle. Once the hole is there then the back of the needle seems to unerringly find the same sore spot over and over. Then there is also the constant fear of getting blood onto your work!

After lots of research and trial and error the answer for me has been thimbles – but not just any thimbles these amazing little Clover silicon thimbles. Many thanks are due to my friend Louise from New Zealand for introducing me to these gems.


Clover 57- 371 (16mm) Thimbles, 2 per pack.


I have worn two of these thimbles – one on the middle finger of each hand – since almost the start of my 1st RSN intensive class some 12 weeks ago. They have saved my fingers and I do not have any holes or sore spots at all. The two original thimbles are now showing significant signs of wear, so I have just moved onto a new pair in the last week.


12 weeks constant wear on the two thimbles on the right. New thimble on the left of the picture.

I will admit to being a ‘sometimes’ thimble wearer in the past; I would resort to one when I was having difficulty pushing the needle through the fabric. My thimble of choice has usually been an open top Tailors Thimble as I tend to push the needle with the side of my finger. In more recent years I have used silicon thimbles of various types, but these Clover thimbles which come in two sizes (16mm is the largest) are the clear winners.

They are so comfortable that I often forget I am wearing them and head off for lunch with my thimbles still on my fingers. They also have the added advantage of offering a little more grip on the needle as you are drawing it through the fabric, which has proved invaluable with canvas work.

They may be difficult to find but are really worth the search!


Clover 57-371 thimbles – Comfortable and lightweight