RSN Diploma – Module 2 – Appliqué

Appliqué is a technique that many embroiderers will be familiar with, especially if quilting also features in your stitching repertoire, however the RSN Diploma Appliqué Module takes this technique further into some specific elements and focuses on dimension and edges. The brief for the Appliqué module explains that the RSN is looking for the embroiderer… Continue reading RSN Diploma – Module 2 – Appliqué

RSN Diploma – Module 1 completed

Inspiration Images

I was privileged to be able to view some wonderful Canvaswork pieces during the Royal School of Needlework – Animals in Embroidery exhibition and as a result I have actually come to a much better appreciation of the complexity of this technique. The texture that can be achieved through a wide variety of stitchs is… Continue reading RSN Diploma – Module 1 completed