Boxing up the Whitework Ship

The second RSN short course that I had enrolled in – just for a little recreational holiday stitching – was Advanced Box Making with Heather Lewis. This 2 day course was conducted over a Saturday and Sunday in mid August at Hampton Court Palace.

Creating fabric covered boxes – usually incorporating embroidery – is one of the techniques that the RSN offers as an option on their Diploma. Heather Lewis, our tutor, has been working at the RSN for almost 20 years in a variety of roles across both Studio work and tutoring, and she has significant experience in box making. She is actually now in the final stages of preparing to release a book on Box Making, and she brought along a number of her beautiful boxes to inspire us.

Embroidered eyes – character in a few stitches.

While embroidery is my real love I have found myself side tracked or rather “hooked” on crocheting Amigurumi creatures lately. My first attempt at a crocheted creature was the little sheep I posted previously, and they were a great way to get into the swing of the continuous spiral method of working that is central… Continue reading Embroidered eyes – character in a few stitches.