Jacobean Crewel module and a little Recreational Stitching.

The RSN Future Tutors course has a very packed schedule and we are now well into the first term. We have received our marks and assessors comments for our first Basic Skills piece and I am very happy to get the feedback on this as we have already moved onto stitching our next assessed pieces.… Continue reading Jacobean Crewel module and a little Recreational Stitching.

Finally – The Future Tutors course commences

The Future Tutors course has finally commenced and over the past week I have attended the first 3 days. These first days were an organised orientation program introducing us (the new students) to the workings of Royal School of Needlework, its Staff, and more generally to Hampton Court Palace. After security passes were issued there… Continue reading Finally – The Future Tutors course commences

Boxing up the Whitework Ship

The second RSN short course that I had enrolled in – just for a little recreational holiday stitching – was Advanced Box Making with Heather Lewis. This 2 day course was conducted over a Saturday and Sunday in mid August at Hampton Court Palace.

Creating fabric covered boxes – usually incorporating embroidery – is one of the techniques that the RSN offers as an option on their Diploma. Heather Lewis, our tutor, has been working at the RSN for almost 20 years in a variety of roles across both Studio work and tutoring, and she has significant experience in box making. She is actually now in the final stages of preparing to release a book on Box Making, and she brought along a number of her beautiful boxes to inspire us.

The secret to protecting stitching Fingers

One of the questions I have been asked most often throughout the 12 weeks of this Stitching adventure is, “how have your fingers coped with all that intensive stitching” or “surely you must have holes in your fingers by now”. As many stitchers will know it can be very difficult to continue working when your… Continue reading The secret to protecting stitching Fingers

Crewelwork – Keeping my fingers nimble

Needlebook front cover

I have been busy working on two complementary Crewelwork pieces over the last month. The Needlebook was offered as a class in Crewel at my local Embroiderers Guild, with Firdes Ali as the designer and tutor. The second piece is an adaptation and extension of the same design. For the Threadbook I took her original… Continue reading Crewelwork – Keeping my fingers nimble