RSN Diploma Module 1 – Canvaswork

Inspiration Images

Undertaking the Canvaswork Module has been both a joy and a pain so far. I explained in an earlier post how I came to take on Canvas Stitches as my first module in the Royal School of Needlework  Diploma, when usually Appliqué is recommended as the starting module for this qualification. On the one hand… Continue reading RSN Diploma Module 1 – Canvaswork

The secret to protecting stitching Fingers

One of the questions I have been asked most often throughout the 12 weeks of this Stitching adventure is, “how have your fingers coped with all that intensive stitching” or “surely you must have holes in your fingers by now”. As many stitchers will know it can be very difficult to continue working when your… Continue reading The secret to protecting stitching Fingers

Visiting RSN satellites – Durham and Bristol.

I have been off the air lately due to limited internet access as I have been travelling around the U.K. visiting and stitching at the RSN satellite studios in both Durham and Bristol – with a fly by of the RSN Rugby site along the way. This part of my stitching adventure started with picking… Continue reading Visiting RSN satellites – Durham and Bristol.

RSN Certificate – Goldwork

I am having so much fun doing the RSN Certificate Goldwork Module. There are really great effects that can be achieved with Goldwork and I now have lots of gold bling growing across my design. Background Fabric RSN Goldwork at the Certificate level is worked on silk fabric which has been applied over a calico… Continue reading RSN Certificate – Goldwork

Growing a Jacobean Flower

The slow progress on my Jacobean Crewelwork piece continues. I have been working away on my design for a week now and I thought you might like to see the progress I have made on stitching the main flower. My primary concern has been to ensure a good distribution of the colours and to keep… Continue reading Growing a Jacobean Flower